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When Realism Matters

OSTi is a leading training and testing company that provides fully realized training environments that reach farther than just equipment. We provide modular solutions that can accommodate the entire training scope, or enhance an already fleshed out training scope with hyper realistic TTPs, including Blue Force, Green Force, White Noise, Red Herrings, and Enemy combatants.

Revolutionizing Home-station training since 2007.

We are Subject Matter Experts In Home Station Multi-discipline Immersive Live Collect Training and Collective Exercise Support. We are developing and fielding new technology every year to ensure that training stays in step with the field environment.

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Custom training to fit your needs

Our standard training suite covers 85% of Critical Task List of 12 MOS’s directly relevant to Intelligence Warfighting. This provides an immersive Live Collect & Analysis Tactical Maneuvers Environment with Emphasis on Maneuver integrated Training with special care given to Real Time Soldier TTP Tracking.

We also provide customization options to meet nearly any requirement. 

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